Phantom Limbs Tonight

The Goods

Our dedicated staff of producers, engineers, session players and graphic designers relies heavily and play-off each other’s years of combined talents to reach one common goal, the Artists Vision. Tribe Mark Studio takes an honest approach to recording. Simply stated, we listen to the Artist's and create the plan that will transmit their vision sonically. We stage each session to compose an environment that both inspires and captures creativity; as a recording studio should be an extension of the artist within it.

Primary Client Base

Songwriters, Musicians & Programmers, Producers, Record Labels, Film Productions, Advertising Agencies/Jingles, Video Gaming Industry

Services We Offer

  • Original Compositions for commercial release through all available media outlets.
  • Hourly studio musicians and programmers.
  • Conversion of midi files to audio through the use of individual studio owners software assets. (i.e. tune, loops, piano and drum soft synths)
  • Turnkey Production including song evaluation/suggestions to writers, pre-production (demos), programming and recording of individual audio tracks including input and original ideas from musicians, mixing, mastering, packaging.
  • Scheduling/budgeting for projects
  • Pro Tools to OMF translation utilizing Digitranslator.
  • Tuning of vocals
  • Backing harmonies
  • Lyric drafting / Melody creation
  • Unique Loops
  • Professional Mixing, “In the Box” or through SSL console and vintage hardware
  • Mastering Services
  • Voiceovers
  • Pre-Production
  • Turn-Key Concepts for Album Design and Photography