Phantom Limbs Tonight

TribeMark welcomes The Loose Cannon Trio April 16 & 17

Mar 8, 2010

Loose Cannon Trio is a 3-piece of musical lunatics. Combined they have many years of music and performance experience at their disposal, as well as various backgrounds and influences; and they are never too shy to deploy them.

Supplying the golden pipes and soulfull six string is Blake Cain. Laying down the four string low-end is Won Hill. The beat and backbone of the three-piece is provided by Dustin Wiltrout.

Together, these three very talented men are in pursuit of everything music and the world has to offer. Keep an eye out for new media, songs, gigs, etc., as Loose Cannon Trio continues to move forward. Until then, come check out a gig and get loooooooose...